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Master Stylist with Global Experience You Deserve a Better Look!

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Premium Cuts & Styles Wave Perms, Wedding Updos, Lace Wigs - No Style is Too Hard
Highlights, Lowlights, Root Touchups
Crazy-Vivid Hair Color! Premium, low-ammonia color with built-in conditioners for shine with less fade.
Instant Hair Extensions Smaller braids give a natural look. Sewn in more tightly to wash or wear a pony tail without worry. Lock-in and Fusion Also Available for Long Lasting Comfort
Stick Straight Hair Japanese Straightening, Thermal Relaxer, Ebony Relaxer
Anastasia will not use formaldehyde producing keratin.
All keratin straighteners produce toxic formaldehyde, including "formaldehyde-free" keratin straighteners.
Instead, you get longer lasting straight hair from a more conscientious treatment.
Need Something Cool? | ZapatillasZapatillas adidas | 89dedb0 Dreadlocks, Anime Styles, Braids, A Haute Style for Your Model Shoot Anastasia has the portfolio
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